Team Bitarka

Siddhartha Sengupta

Siddhartha Sengupta

A journalist by nature, Siddhartha started his career over a decade and a half back with prominent News Daily. With liberalistic approach, keen lookout, in depth knowledge and rock solid research, his approach to journalism soon became a recon in the field of media. From state elections to nation politics, scams to subtle turns in bureaucracy his reports brought a new light and view to the ageing orthodox format of journalism.

Being always ahead of his time and age, and having worked with many prominent media houses, he set out to pursue his dream of a new age media.


Subhadeep Debnath

Subhadeep is one of the senior photographers who have been tracking the city in a lens frame for more than two decades. A versatile artist with the camera, Subhadeep has been one of the key contributors for Bitarka.



Joyeeta Sengupta

Joyeeta is the powerhouse that makes Bitark akeep on going. An experienced administrator, she often contributes her thoughts through her articles, besides running the administrative set up.


Kankana Banerjee Sengupta

Kankana is the ‘feeler’ of Bitarka. A trained psychologist, Kankana, who stays in a foreign land is a regular contributor and comes up every now and then with ideas that invoke true thoughts.


Uddalak Bhattacharya

Uddalak Bhattacharya is an enigma. Young at heart as well as age.Bursting with ideas.He holds diverse interests across politics, economics, sports and Bollywood.